Best Green Juice Recipe


We know vegetables are good for us! Juicing is one of the most effective and quickest ways to reap the benefits of digesting greens! Yet not all juicing recipes taste good!

A good tasting Green Juice Recipe is hard to find!

The recipe below includes two important ingredients – lemon for tart, apple for sweet. You may want to change or experiment with some of the ingredients based on desired outcome of nutritional benefits but never forego the lemon and the apple.

The Best Green Juice Recipe

Use only organic vegetables and fruits…

Handful of Lettuce – Red or Green Romaine

One Half Cucumber

Two Celery Stalks


One Half Apple

1-2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice

One Fourth Cup Water


Blend in Juicer, Food Processor or VitaMix until desired consistency. Add water if you prefer it thinner.

Cold is better. Add more ice if desired.

Watch the sugar content – only half an apple for sweetening!

Other Ingredients You May Like To Add:





This green juice is clarifying, detoxifying, green vegetable rich, ph balancing  and great for anytime you have just over done it with your diet – a perfect reset!




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