Measure for Health Management

“What get measured, gets Managed” – Peter Drucker

I have to admit, measuring things has never been of much interest to me. I am more of a go with the flow, let’s see how it all works out kind of girl.

However, after I turned 45 and I realized that weight gain and weight loss was going to have to be something I would need to manage more than I had to in years’ previous and I began to embrace the whole measuring things for better results.

With regards to weight loss and health, consider Peter Drucker’s quote and consider deeply what it is with regards to your weight loss or health that you need to begin, or continue, or increase measuring for better, lasting results.

Measurements for weight loss and health may be:

  • Measuring daily or weekly steps with a fitbit or jawbone
  • Measuring water intake with your fitbit app or
  • Measuring food intake for calories, salt intake, sugar intake with
  • Measuring your blood pressure
  • Measuring your blood sugar
  • Measuring how much sleep you are getting
  • Measuring your activity/exercise
  • Measuring your hormone levels
  • Measuring your BMI
  • Measuring your muscle or lean body mass
  • Measuring your weight

Measure what’s needed so you can Manage your results and accomplish your weight loss and health goals. Look at measuring as nothing more than a tool and the numbers as the data that is going to help get you towards what you want most.

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