Have you stretched today?

A very talented Massage Therapist I know has been doing massage therapy for over 35 years which is unusual in such a physically strenuous career. Her secret: Stretching for flexibility and to prevent injury. She stretches all day long including in between clients and before and after work. She utilizes various Yoga poses specific to what is best for her body.

Stretching helps us stay flexible preventing injuries as well as keeps muscles and joints loose enabling them to move through their full range of motion. Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscles and can release lactic acid buildup.

Try to stretch upon waking, before and after exercise and before bed. I also incorporate stretching throughout the day – while driving, showering, at the kitchen and bathroom counter, at my desk – any opportunity to bend.

While doing household activities including yard work try using the activity as a chance to stretch as you work preventing sore muscles.

Signe Holiday's Clever Girl Beauty Tips's photo.

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