What is Clever Girl Beauty Tips About?

Smart, Creative, Health-Driven, Stress-free Living

Inspiration. Beauty Tips. Ideas. Conversations. Things to try. Confidence. Improvement. Mind. Body. Health. Appearance. Sharing. Kindness. Motivation. Education. Fun.

Signe (sig-nee) Holiday is my designation, helping you is my inclination.

Not being born a CoverGirl® myself,

I learned it better to be a Clever Girl!

A Clever Girl takes what she’s got, appreciates what she’s been given and uses her smarts, good information, a health-driven focus and all the tools she can muster.  The results are looking the best she can, feeling fantastic for her age, living happy and healthy, enjoying a stress-free life and inspiring others by example.

This Clever Girl is 48, lives in Taos, New Mexico and feels better and more confident than she ever has.

Clever Girl blog and social media posts are on a weekly basis but not too frequent. I like to travel and only share when inspired by a topic that I think will help and inspire you.

If you are into anti-aging by way of enhanced health, expanded thinking, natural-living, improved appearance both inside and out, Clever Girl posts are a good read for you.

Clever Girl Beauty is committed to educating and sharing topics that make being over 40 fantastic!  If you can’t be a CoverGirl®, be a Clever Girl!

Engage with me on this path to learning and improvement.

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